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ruin and recovery. as many remain without power and gas. plus, new york cancels the marathon at the last minute. >> voters in the district and virginia today is the last day to cast your vote early before tuesday's election. >> expect delays on metro this weekend. we'll show you which are closed for track work. good morning everyone. welcome to news 4 today. what a week it has been. >> we want to get started with this weekend's weather. it looks positive.
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>> here is storm 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> good morning. a good saturday morning everybody. yes indeed. a week we would just as soon put in the record books for a while. we're still dealing with the impacts of super cyclone sandy. that brisk northwesterly wind that is still in place over the region is still courtesy of the storm though it is long gone, the effects remain, and that northwesterly wind is going to get you chilly first thing this morning. temperatures are only in the low to mid 40s right now across the area. good news is no rain drops showing up anywhere on storm team 4 doppler. here is your saturday forecast. cloudy and breezy and chilly for much of your saturday. temperatures aren't really going to move a whole lot. we're in the low to mid 40s now and will climb into the upper 40s and low 50s for a time later this afternoon. tomorrow is going to be a noticeably prettier day than today. we may see and you are not going to believe this a bright shining object in the sky. we used to call that the sun.
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it's been nearly a week since we had anything close to a sunny day around here. i think tomorrow we finally start to turn the corner but it is going to stay chilly. so the weekend word is chilly. but at least it's going to be dry and we won't have to deal with any more crazy weather at least for a little while. a little chance to exhale. back to you. >> we want that, chuck. thanks. >> it's been a long week for people throughout the northeast after hurricane sandy. today president obama is expected to meet with top aides and lawmakers to monitor the government's response to the storm. afterwards homeland security and fema directors will visit storm damaged communities. meantime the storm is now blamed for 109 deaths in the u.s. as people continue to clean up mayor bloomberg canceled tomorrow's new york city marathon. people were outraged this week when bloomberg said the race would boost the economy and inspire the city to move on after the storm. now, though, the race that brings 40,000 runners to the street is off. much of the marathon would have
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gone through some of the hardest hit areas and the race would have closed roads and bridges at a time when transportation is already difficult. >> relief could be on the way for the gas shortage. the obama administration has ordered the purchase of as much as 22 million gallons of fuel and diesel for the areas hardest hit by sandy. people in new york and new jersey are having major problems getting gas. many stations are closed because of damage or lack of power leading to long lines that stretch for miles to get a few stations -- get to a few station thas are open. dominion power crews from our area are in new jersey this morning. while the power could be back on for people in manhattan by the end of today in parts of new jersey restoring power is taking a bit longer. news 4's jim rosenthal reports from essex falls, new jersey. >> 31 degrees outside. we're freezing. we have no heat. >> reporter: desperate pleas from the powerless in essex county.
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residents see utility trucks and beg for relief. >> is it tough on you guys? >> yeah. we're doing our best. there's a lot of damage. >> reporter: their best means navigating around a maze of massive downed trees, 100 of them in essex fells alone slowing restoration to the customers without power in a state with about 1.5 million still in the dark at last count. >> i looked outside and it was, felt like christmas. somebody delivering new telephone poles. >> reporter: more help is on the way after governor christie urged the utilities to speed up restoration. thousands of crews from other states are now descending on the region, the first of 1500 from virginia dominion set out from national harbor in maryland, the largest out of state deployment ever mobilized by that company. even with the extra help it's messes like this that slow the crew down. the company that serves this and 13 other counties estimates it will be the coming week before all the power is restored.
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in essex fells, new jersey, jim rosenthal, news 4. >> be sure to keep it here on news 4 and nbc for the latest on hurricane sandy's impact and remember to help storm victims. you can go to red or call 1-800-help now or text the word red cross to 90999. that will allow you to make a $10 donation. this morning montgomery county police are hoping a new sketch will help identify the man who sexually assaulted a woman on the capital crescent trail. police released this composite of the attacker last night. late last month a 21-year-old woman was jogging on the trail near brookway drive when she says a man attacked her, knocked her out, dragged her into the woods, and sexually assaulted her. police are asking anyone with any information on this incident to come forward. a man faces murder charges for throwing pipe bombs into three homes in fredericksburg in stafford county. he's in jail on $2 million bail
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for targeting his ex-girlfriend and two law enforcement officers earlier this week. he's also accused of throwing pipe bombs at police as they tried to arrest him. he was arrested a few days later m montana. now to decision 2012. we're just three days away from the election. president obama is in prince william county, virginia today, and he is bringing some big star power with him. the president will be joined by former president bill clinton and singer dave matthews at the jiffy lube live in bristow later tonight. president obama was supposed to visit prince william county on monday but rescheduled because of hurricane sandy. today is a busy one for the commander-in-chief who will also make stops in ohio, wisconsin, and iowa. mitt romney is also crisscrossing the country in the final hours before tuesday. today he'll be in the battle ground states of new hampshire, iowa, and colorado. he's also scheduled to travel to virginia. he is set to appear at george mason university for a rally on monday. his running mate paul ryan is racking up the frequent flyer miles, too. he is scheduled to hit ohio,
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pennsylvania, virginia, and florida in the span of eight hours today. today is the last chance for d.c. voters to head to the polls before everybody else does on tuesday. early voting officially ends in the district tonight. last week people waited in long lines to cast their ballots. this weekend early voting in each of the district places runs from 8:30 this morning to 9:00 tonight. it is the last day for in person absentee voting in virginia. fairfax county extended hours today. you'll be able to vote from 8:00 this morning until 5:00 this evening. fairfax and loudoun counties both suspended in person absentee voting during hurricane sandy. >> early voting is over in maryland and now some people are worried about expected crowds on election day. in prince george's county long lines were the norm as people tried to cast their ballot before tuesday. some waited three or four hours to cast their vote. around 56,000 people took advantage of early voting in the
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county that's just 10% of registered voters. >> we are using our -- or don't have the capacity that we need to really conduct early voting. >> despite the long waits administrators say tuesday should not be a problem because there will be more polling places open for voters. and be sure to stay with news 4. we'll have complete coverage leading up to the election and of course all the results on tuesday night. you can also use our website nbc a heads up to metro riders. two stations will be closed this weekend because of track work. the rosalind and cemetery stations are closed so crews can make repairs and install cables. foggy bottom and courthouse will have buses on the orange line and foggy bottom and pentagon on the blue line and on the red line single tracking between twin brook and grovener as well as forest glen and tacoma. everything should be back to normal monday morning. >> all right.
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good to hear. time right now 6:08. good morning everyone. still ahead on news 4 today falling fines. the price of getting caught on d.c.'s speed cameras is going down. find out when the new fines take effect. ♪ >> hurricane sandy, singers coming together to help those in need in a star studded benefit concert. >> and while we're on air we're always online. chat with us on facebook and twitter throughout the show. search for news 4 today. we'll be back in a moment.
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starting monday big changes are coming to speed camera fines in the district. speeders will pay a little bit less if they're caught but as news 4's tom sherwood reports some say the fines are still too high. >> reporter: d.c. has dozens of speed cameras to catch motorists. fines range from $75 to $250 far higher than any other local
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jurisdiction. mayor vincent gray friday moved to curb some of the anger over the high fines and complains the city is just raising revenue. he said beginning monday he'll lower some of the fines for speeding but raise others. >> i think this is a very responsible thing to do and is obviously connected to public safety. i have said from the very beginning that this was a public safety issue for me, not an effort to raise additional revenue. >> reporter: and the mayor says he'll use traffic fine revenues to hire more officers to help patrol more of the city bringing the force to 4,000 officers for the first time in years. beginning monday speeding up to ten miles an hour will cost $50 instead of $75. speeding 15 miles per hour will cost $75 instead of $100. speeding up to 25 will remain the same at $200. the top fine for exceeding any limit by 25 miles per hour rises from $250 to $300. chief cathy lanier says only 2%
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of speeders are repeat speeders and most get the message. >> once they get that ticket they tend to not speed again especially in the same area. >> reporter: ward 6 council member tommy wells pursuing legislation to lower fines even more praised the mayor but said fines are still too high. >> the mayor is not going far enough. he really risks a citizen back lash against the whole camera enforcement program. >> reporter: in the district tom sherwood, news 4. today engineers in manhattan will begin securing a giant crane damage by hurricane sandy. now this crane is still dangling almost 80 stories up and people living nearby the crane are not allowed into their homes. new york mayor michael bloomberg says securing the cranes should take about 36 hours and he hopes residents will be able to return home by monday night. >> new york city is slowly getting back to normal. central park reopens this morning. park staff has spent the last several days clearing debris from the park. hurricane sandy damaged or destroyed more than 500 trees in
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the park. still, visitors are warned to use caution as the cleanup continues. ♪ >> jon bon jovi was just one of the many stars last night who came together for hurricane sandy relief. he was joined by billy joel, bruce springsteen, christine ag will air, aero smith and mary j. blige. the nbc telethon raised money for the red cross to go to sabdy victims up and down the east coast. for several of last night's performers the devastation on the jersey shore hit very close to home. back stage jon bon jovi, springsteen, and comedian jon stewart jokingly referred to themselves as the jersey boys and said for an event that had to come back together so quickly it was worth it to rebuild the communities and landmarks dear to them. >> i think we've all spent a lot
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of time. we make pleas for certain crises and disasters in far away lands so now it's our house and you're like, you understand it's a strange feeling. you kind of swallow your pride a little bit because people say, hey, man, we need help here. it's not an easy thing to do. it's a proud area. >> you can still donate to help those affected by sandy. go to and click on hurricane sandy coming together. and a lot of bonn jovi -- their videos had pieces of the seaside and a lot of that not there anymore. >> a great show. >> you stayed up and watched it? >> a little bit. it was good. >> them doing that so quickly. >> the time is 6:16. ahead on news 4 today, space shuttle atlantis arrives at its new home. plus taking a look outside. find out how long this cold, windy weather is going to last. chuck has your weekend forecast coming up.
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space shuttle "atlantis" has made it to its new home. yesterday the shuttle moved on a very slow ten-mile journey throughout the kennedy space center. it is going on permanent display at the space center's visitor complex, the last retired nasa shuttle to arrive at its final destination. sure is cold this morning. >> i know. sometimes the atmosphere does not like these high patterns, just craziness all up and down the eastern seaboard. that is essentially still the result of sandy. and i don't think it's an exaggeration to call it super cyclone sandy because that area of low pressure and that whole influence, basically had a whole sphere of influence that covered pretty much the eastern half of the united states and the eastern half of canada and much of the western atlantic and that huge cyclone even though it's
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long gone up to the northeast of hudson bay moving into north atlantic, the ripples in the atmosphere remain and that's the reason it has been cold and windy around here all week long. do you know on tuesday it was 73 degrees in montreal. that's how crazy the weather has gotten. as the warm air from sandy was forced way up into the eastern half of canada, the cold air up across northern and western canada was dislodged and that cold air has been riding that northwesterly wind right straight into the mid-atlantic for the better part of a week now. ever since then it pulled away. we've been stuck with the clouds and the cold and the rain, all of it. this is a very slow pattern to break down. it's been almost a week already. we're still dealing with the northwesterly wind this morning. temperatures in the mid 40s. it's going to be a chilly day today. and just like the last few we'll be lucky to spend any more than about three or four hours this afternoon above 50 degrees. our average high is in the low
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and mid 60s still. this is really cold stuff for us. the good news is we've pretty much acclimated after a week in it. cloudy and breezy today. temperatures in the 40s for most of the day. i think we'll climb up into the low 50s for a couple hours, between noon and 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon. nothing to worry about. storm team 4 radar no rain drops for today. that is welcome news. there are a couple rain drops and even some snowflakes across northwestern pennsylvania, northeastern parts of ohio. we don't need to worry about those. for us our cold pattern is going to continue but with the wind -- when the wind starts to relax a little our weather will gradually improve. finally tonight skies will clear out a bit. a clearing sky overnight means a colder start coming up tomorrow morning. so another chilly day tomorrow. but finally a little sunshine. more sunshine coming our way for tomorrow. i think monday looks nice as well. a little coastal storm down here off the carolina banks as we get into monday, tuesday and there may be another one later in the week we'll keep an eye on. for today mostly cloudy, breezy, and chilly.
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40s and low 50s today. overnight tonight skies clear out a bit. the big thing you need to remember tonight, move your clock back one hour. it's daylight savings time coming to an end. move the clock back when you go to bed one hour. that means an extra hour of sleep. yay! who isn't excited about that on a saturday? then for tomorrow, sunny and chilly. early darkness tomorrow. today sunset 6:05. tomorrow sunset, ready for this one? 5:04. >> wow. >> here's our seven-day forecast. don't forget to vote on tuesday. we're still watching for a coastal storm coming up middle and later parts of the week. we didn't do any college football last weekend. unfortunately my team got beaten. >> who's playing, when and where they're playing and we'll get as many game forecasts as we possibly can on. and worst of all by pat collins'
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notre dame team. gosh. he walked right over to me in the middle of hurricane coverage too. >> oh, yeah. leave it to him. thanks, chuck. we'll stick with sports. >> we are. a busy day for d.c. sports as the wizards play their home opener tonight. >> the d.c. united kick off their title run at rfk. carol maloney has it all in this morning's "sports minute." >> reporter: good saturday morning everybody. i'm carol maloney. your sports minute starts on the hardwood. after tipping off the season on the road in cleveland the wizards returned for their home opener in boston tonight at 7:00 on comcast sportsnet. rookie bradley biel who is playing in his first regular season game at the verizon center excited to play in front of the home crowd. >> i'm really excited. my family will be there and actually this is my town now. this is my city so to speak so now i have to be here to represent and show what i'm capable of doing as well as my teammates. we have a great team this year.
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hopefully the fans will support us through the whole year. >> your local college football games today linebacker turned qb sean petty and the terps host georgia tech. virginia hits the road to face nc state. it's the battle for the real deal in d.c. as howard battles with hampton. west virginia visits tcu. navy welcomes the fighting alfred morrises otherwise known as the florida atlantic owls. don't forget the other football going on later. d.c. united kicking off the 2012 playoffs hosting the new york red bulls at rfk tonight at 8:00. hoping their fans get rfk rocking. and that's your sports minute. i'm carol maloney. hope your saturday is a good one. >> thanks. the time is 6:25. up next in our next half hour of news 4 today cries for help from people in the hardest hit areas devastated by sandy. plus we take a close look at a
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the controversy after the storm. the last-minute decision to cancel the new york city marathon. >> this is the final weekend before tuesday's presidential election. both candidates plan events in virginia. we've got a preview. hi everyone. good morning and welcome to news 4 today. i'm richard jordan. >> i'm angie goff. today is saturday, november 3rd, 2012. already november. wow. >> it seems like it too. it feels like late november though. >> it does. it is very chilly outside. overall i don't think it's that bad. hi, chuck. >> well, i just wish we could see a little bit more in the way of sunshine around here. it feels like it has literally been the better part of a week since we had a nice, clear, sunny day. unfortunately, we're not going to get that today but i'm optimistic that tomorrow will be a noticeably prettier day to be on the great outside. so temperatures on your saturday
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morning on the chilly side. 39 now in winchester and front royal down toward strasburg, virginia. 45 in culpepper and bristow this morning. 43 in manassas. 47 over in shady side and chesapeake beach. 45 also down at solomon's island. storm team 4 radar, luckily no rain drops to worry about for us so it'll just be a mostly cloudy day. you will get a peek or two at the sunshine though sunshine is going to be fairly limited. nonetheless a peek here and a peek there always helps. highs today only in the low 50s. you're right, that would be normal if this was the last weekend in november as opposed to the first weekend in november. but sunshine is back for tomorrow. we'll talk more about that in the seven-day forecast coming up. >> thanks, chuck. the impact of hurricane sandy is very visible up and down the east coast. five days after the storm made landfall. today president obama will meet with top aides and lawmakers to monitor the government's
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response to the storm. in new york and new jersey patience is running thin as fuel supplies dwindle forcing new jersey governor chris christie to order gas rationing. the president has ordered the purchase of 22 million gallons of fuel for that region. after much controversy, the new york city marathon is officially canceled for tomorrow. the decision to go ahead with it earlier this week despite extensive damage in the city outraged new yorkers. some people praised the decision to scrap it but not everyone. >> i feel for all the people that have problems but you don't pull the plug at the last minute. he could have made that decision days and days ago. >> coming here and realizing these resources are going to be needed where it is truly needed. >> the marathon would have brought 40,000 runners through parts of the city that are still cleaning up from the damage. >> in some communities up and down the east coast there is so much devastation that cleanup
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efforts have been slow at best. along the jersey shore it is expected to take months and billions of dollars to get things cleaned up in many seaside towns. for one woman the waves were so powerful it brought a boat into her home. >> we need help here. we truly do. we need someone to come and tell us which way to go. >> meanwhile, atlantic city's hotels and casinos are back, open for business. >> red cross workers from our area are leaving to help victims of hurricane sandy. the red cross of fairfax tells us at least one emergency response vehicle and several volunteers will help with the recovery effort. there is no word yet where they'll be sent. meantime about 1500 dominion virginia workers are working to restore power in central new jersey. hundreds of thousands there are still in the dark after sandy. many of these crews also responded after hurricane katrina. because so many gas stations are powerless they are taking their
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own fuel and other supplies with them and working shifts of at least 12 hours. be sure to stay with news 4 and nbc for the latest on hurricane sandy's impact. remember, you can help the storm victims as well. all you have to do is go to red or call 1-800-help now or text the word red cross to 90999 and make a $10 donation. fairfax county police are investigating yet another sexual assault case in a string of incidents they believe are connected. the latest assault happened thursday night on commerce street as a woman was waiting for the bus. this makes eight attacks in the past two months all in the springfield area. police believe this man is responsible here for those assaults. he is described as about 5'8" with a beard. police are asking anyone with information to contact them immediately. d.c. police are asking for the public's help in finding a man suspected of attacking a woman in her apartment. they handed out flyers yesterday looking for information on the man in these security camera
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images you're looking at now. police say last week he broke into the woman's rhode island row apartment, tried to sexual assault her, and then stabbed her multiple times. residents of the apartment building needed key cards to get inside and into that elevator. police believe someone unknowingly let the man inside. now to decision 2012. president obama will be in virginia tonight for a star studded rally featuring former president bill clinton and singer dave matthews. the three will appear at jiffy lube live in prince william county. the president and mitt romney are both covering a lot of ground this weekend to motivate voters. they both used yesterday's jobs report as proof they'd be the best choice for commander-in-chief. >> we learned the companies hired more workers in october than any time in the last eight months. >> we learned that it's actually 7.9% and that's 9 million jobs short of what he promised. >> romney will also be traveling through the commonwealth and has
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rallies scheduled for monday afternoon at george mason university. today is a last chance for many local voters wanting to cast a ballot before election day to head to the polls. it is the final day for early voting in all eight of d.c.'s wards and also the last day to cast an in-person absentee ballot in virginia. meantime early voting in maryland ended yesterday. >> tuesday virginians will also be deciding on question one, a ballot measure concerning eminent domain. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey has the details on what this issue means for those living in the commonwealth. >> reporter: you'd never know dale swanson's secluded six acre property is next to this spotsylvania mall and on may 5, 2005 a planned expansion shattered the tranquility here. he was stunned to find bulldozers outside tearing up her property and private road. >> they cut down trees, and the biggest thing is they destroyed my road. >> reporter: years later she is still fighting to be reimbursed
6:36 am
for the damage. the issue made her a fierce advocate for question one on the ballot. the constitutional amendment would only allow the taking or damaging of private property when it is for public use not for any kind of private gain or even economic development. the attorney general is one of the biggest pro-ponents. >> government is a bully and bullies pick on people who don't stand up to them. >> reporter: many local governments oppose the ballot question. tony howard says adequate private property protection already exists in virginia law. >> the business community really believes these types of measures which we support by and large are best left to the state code. >> reporter: howard also fears if passed the constitutional change could hurt the business friendly reputation. >> the ballot is written so broadly and the wording so imprecise we don't know how it will rear its ugly head down the
6:37 am
road so local governments are concerned. >> reporter: some even worry the amendment could be interpreted so broadly if they wanted to close down a street like this for a parade or art fair it would be prohibited. but the opponents insist the added protection is needed. >> without question one we have no protection and are living under an illusion we do and we don don't. today hundreds of people will gather on the national mall for the million muppet or million puppet march i should say. the demonstrations in support of funding for public broadcasting. the organizer of the march said he was inspired after hearing mitt romney say during the first presidential debate that he wants to cut funding to pbs. the march starts at 11:00 at lincoln park and goes all the way to the reflecting pool where there will be a rally. and be sure to stay with news 4. we'll have complete coverage leading up to the election and all of the results on tuesday night. >> you can also stay with us at
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nbc and we'll post results there as well. right now the time is 6:37. still ahead on news 4 today check your generator. there is an important recall this morning. plus parking confusion in the district. do you know where the bike lane ends and where the parking begins? we'll show you.
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important news for people still relying on generators. champion power equipment is recalling more than 8,000 generators because of a fire hazard. fuel can leak from the generator which could spark a fire. the generators were sold from december to july in costco stores. so far eight fires have been reported. we have a complete list of the models affected by the recall on our website nbc just search generator recall. a traffic alert now for metro riders. two normally busy stations are closed this weekend because of track work. the rosalind and arlington cemetery stations are closed so crews can make repairs and install fiber optic cables. buses will replace trains
6:42 am
between foggy bottom and courthouse on the orange line. foggy bottom and pentagon on the blue line. on the red line there will be single tracking between twin brook and grovener as well as between forest glen and tacoma. everything will be back to normal hopefully by monday morning. more and more bike lanes are popping up in the district but what good are the lanes if they are still cars in those spots? >> news 4's transportation reporter says it is becoming a big issue for both bikers and drivers. >> reporter: time after time after time cars, trucks, buses parking and driving in the brand new bike lanes on l street in northwest. now to be fair this bike lane project is not completely finished and in some cases the proper signage isn't up. but along certain blocks everything is in place and still people blocking the lanes. the new bike lane here on l street stretches from new hampshire avenue all the way down to 12th street. the d.c. department of transportation has had to take
6:43 am
about a hundred parking spaces on the north side of l street to make these lanes. talking about the balancing act of taking away parking while opening aup bike lane. >> we see cars that go into the bike lane to park most of the time and it's a big problem. >> reporter: just as we were talking a charter bus parked right in the bike lane. >> always want to take care of people first. the same thing that goes on with the sandy situation. >> i know you got a job to do. >> right. >> we're out here trying to educate people about the fact that this is a bike lane. >> reporter: anyone caught parking in a bike lane could be slapped with a $65 ticket. what is that like when you see that? >> certainly not welcome. it's a bit dangerous because if you have to -- they're right behind you and bike lanes are getting more crowded. it feels like we're not being considered as seriously as we should be as bikers. >> reporter: not every biker sees the need for friction
6:44 am
between drivers and bicyclists. >> i think the cycle tracks make it a lot easier and drivers benefit too from having bicycle traffic concentrate on these routes as opposed to all over the place. >> the l street bike lane project should be finished in the coming days. until then the message from the city, share the road. in the district, news 4. >> the "today" show is up next here on nbc 4. let's find out what they're working on. >> lester hope joins us live from new york. we give a warm welcome to erica. >> thank you. great to be here. appreciate it. >> nice to have her along. we'll learn a little more about your story coming up. we want to tell folks also coming up on a saturday morning the latest on the aftermath of hurricane sandy. gas rationing beginning today in new jersey as new york city's mayor cancels the new york city marathon under pressure. plus we're live in the hardest hit areas and will have some advice on how you can get prepared for the next storm. also ahead three days to go until election day. this morning we revealed some
6:45 am
new nbc news/"wall street journal" polls in the battleground states that just could decide this election. plus you'll meet a grandmother who was struggling to pay her bills, had a winning lottery ticket but didn't even know it until it was almost too late. this morning quite a story when we tell you how she found out. >> i'm happy when i find a $5 bill in my jeans. >> me too. i'd take the lotto ticket too. >> it is an exciting day as we add a new member to our family, happy to have erica hill as our new co-anchor as we get started on a saturday morning right here on "today." back to you in d.c. >> good to see you together. thanks. so talking about the weather, i said it's overall not too bad because after what we went through the past week -- >> you're right. if you compare it to the last few days, it's a bargain. no doubt about it. but it is still awfully chilly outside. >> it is cold. >> and if you're planning on spending any time outside, today if you're going to be raking
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leaves there are a lot of leaves to rake. rake them from northwest to southeast across the lawn. that way the wind is working in your favor. we'll talk about all of your weekend forecast next.
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most of us will not go looking for a christmas tree for another month or so but the capitol has already picked the perfect one, the giant christmas tree that will decorate the grounds of the u.s. capitol was cut down yesterday. the 73 foot spruce was harvested from white river national forest in colorado and hoisted on to a huge flat bed. it'll take two days to wrap it up before it makes the trip out east. >> that would fit in my house very nicely. >> a three footer. >> that is huge. >> yes. speaking of trees, we were talking about this at the commercial break as well. you were on a live shot for the hurricane and you were next to what i think was the biggest root fall of a tree i've ever seen. >> it was huge. >> it was a very busy week for so many of us including you. congratulations. you ran the marathon and then came and pulled weather duty.
6:50 am
>> finisher. >> secret weapon. nice. >> i will tell you what. it was -- that was a heck of a race last week. >> is this a first place finish? >> exactly. that's what it looks like when you win. >> very nice. >> no. it was a really nice race and i thank you so much for all of the thousands of people out there cheering you on along the way. i was not happy with my finishing time. i lost more than an hour from last year because of a little leg issue. but you know what? i crossed the finish line. that is officially victory. >> this is your third one you ran in a row right? >> yes. >> i wasn't happy with the results but we came over the line in one piece and that's all that mattered. boy, we had a great day for running. wish it would have been a little faster. such is life. when you're not going to win doesn't matter how far back you are. outside we go. a very, very chilly day on your saturday. you need to be ready for another day dealing with a northwesterly breeze that is going to be fairly substantial.
6:51 am
northwest ten to 20. a little bit of a bundle up factor. mostly clear skies will be coming our way for the second half of your weekend. if you're still wanting to see a little sunshine, if you're feeling sunshine deprived, another struggle of a day outside today. we will get a peek here and there of the sunshine but it is going to stay chilly. 45 degrees right now here in washington. generally in the low to mid 40s all over the map. 40 degrees in hagerstown, maryland this morning. 41 in gaithersburg. 45 in capital heights. 46 in fredericksburg and stafford. hometown forecast for poolesville, maryland temperatures in the 40s right now but a peek of two of sunshine temperatures into the upper 40s by noon time. upper 40s to around low 50s for a brief time this afternoon and headed out for a saturday night movie, 47 degrees at 6:30. then back down to near upper 30s almost by 11:30 time frame tonight. no rain to worry about. that is certainly welcomed news. watching a couple systems. this one here is going to be
6:52 am
diving down to our south and will bring more clouds if you live or travel down across central virginia. a few more clouds for you. maybe a chance for light rain drops southwestern virginia tomorrow. i think we'll stay dry here in metro washington. but the cold pattern which we've been dealing with since sandy left us is going to stick around. temperatures will stay cooler than average for the weekend and through most if not all of the upcoming week. a little bit clearing late tonight will set the stage for a chilly start tomorrow morning. reagan national has not been below 40 degrees since early march. this might be the start tomorrow morning where we finally get back down below 40 at national and then sunday sunshine will be nice and a little ripple of low pressure headed out to the coast. there may be another storm along the coast wednesday, thursday time frame. we'll be keeping a close eye on that. cloudy, breezy, and chilly today. temperatures only in the upper 40s and low 50s. a colder start tomorrow. so even though we'll have more sunshine tomorrow afternoon it'll actually be a little cooler during the day time because of the colder start. the all important seven-day forecast, breezy and chilly
6:53 am
today. keep in mind our average high now 62. today we'll be lucky to make 54. tomorrow only 53. monday only 51. going the wrong direction there. and temperatures staying about ten degrees or more colder than average all week long. tuesday of course is election day. if you don't vote you can't complain. that is always the rule of thumb. virginia on the road at nc state in raleigh today. the cavaliers trying to snap a little bit of a losing streak. good luck to them. 56 down the road in raleigh. the midshipmen are home taking on florida. 54 degrees. cloudy skies. a bit of a northwesterly wind to deal with. >> all right. going to steal your story. >> all right. >> we've been fighting over this all morning long. chuck thinks it's his but i get it this time. good news for those looking to grab some extra sleep. you'll get to fall back as daylight savings time ends tomorrow. early tomorrow morning the time shifts back an hour at 2:00 a.m. and goes back an hour to 1:00
6:54 am
am. firefighters say it's low tid ' great time to check the batteries in your smoke alarms. so replace the batteries and set the clocks back. you don't want to be too early for work. >> definitely not. i'm sure neither of us will be. >> no. >> the time is 6:54. up next on news 4 today we check out the new ipad mini. [ earnest ] out of the blue one day,
6:55 am
we were told to build a 30-foot stage. gathered the guys and we built that 30-foot stage, not knowing what it was for. just days later, all three shifts were told to assemble in the warehouse. a group of people walked out on that stage and told us that the plant is now closed and all of you are fired... i looked both ways, i looked at the crowd, and...we all just lost our jobs. we don't have an income. mitt romney made over 100 million dollars by shutting down our plant and devastated our lives. turns out that when we built that stage, it was like building my own coffin, and it just made me sick. [ male announcer ] priorities usa action
6:56 am
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6:57 am
this weekend learn cooking tips from the biggest names in the business. it is the 2012 metro cooking show at the washington convention center. this is video from last year. this year michael simon and top chef judge tom kalikio are some
6:58 am
of the celebrity chefs making an appearance. there are also more than 400 specialty food exhibits on display. tickets are $27 at the door. the event runs from 10:00 to 7:00. tomorrow is from 10:00 to 6:00. >> the ipad mini is officially for sale. what are tech experts saying about apple's newest offering? the mini is a great alternative for those who want the ipad but don't want the high price tag. analysts say one drawback is the price tag. the cheapest ipad mini is $329. that is about $130 more than the amazon kindle fire but users don't seem to mind paying a little bit more to get the popular ipad. >> i have started to do all my newspapers, magazines, books on my technology. i'm finding that the iphone, the text is getting smaller and smaller and the ipad i like to read in bed and it is a little too clumsy. and then i drop it. this to me is the perfect size.
6:59 am
>> apple is offering different versions of the ipad mini with different storage sizes and cellular connections just like the other ipad. it is the song and dance that swept the world. by now everyone knows south korean rapper sai's international smash "gangnan style" and now robots do, too. look at it go. lots of people gathered around to see some robots breaking it down at this robotic competition in china. of course the robots didn't just go to gangnam. the dance was to a variety of songs and robot groups did some coordinated numbers and even drew crowds with robot costumes. >> that looks very cultural. it's hard being a robot and being able to capture that. >> you know this? >> i don't know. >> you were saying your 2-year-old loved this song. >> lov

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